RFP Checklist For Describing Functionality

How do you describe the website’s functionality in your RFP? The next section in your Website RFP is to describe how it works, i.e. functions. The functionality section of your RFP can be distilled to a few pages. Share sample sites that illustrate functionality you’d like to see on your … [Read more...]

RFP Checklist for Content, User Interface & Design Needs

If you’re writing an RFP for a website, you need to describe the content types and graphic. This enables the bidder to create a prototype that will manage the different content assets and present it in an attractive manner to your customers.   Download Request For Proposal Template for only … [Read more...]

Defining Objectives in Your Website RFP

If you’re writing an RFP for a website or content management solution, you need to outline your online objectives and how the new site will drive your web site's content, design, functionality, and technology.   Download Request For Proposal Template for only $14.99 Website RFP Checklist - … [Read more...]

RFP Checklist – Defining the Business Context

You want to create an RFP for a new website! What do you need to include? The first section is the business context. Why do you need to put your business proposal in context? Think of it from the reader’s viewpoint. By placing it in context, you’re helping them understand your requirements so … [Read more...]

34 Ways to Review Request For Proposals

If your next Business Proposal is for an important client, and you're working under pressure to get the document submitted on time, it’s easy to get confused and forget something which determines whether you win or lose the bid. One way to avoid this is to use a proposal checklist to identify each … [Read more...]

Request For Proposals: Writing the Format Section

What’s the quickest way to evaluate responses to your Request For Proposals? One way to speed up the evaluation and award process is to create a Format section in your RFP document. RFP Template – Sample Costs Format Understanding the RFP Format section Most format Request For Proposals (RFP) … [Read more...]