15 Business Proposal Writing Tactics

How does psychology affect your business proposal’s success rate? While most proposal writers focus on ‘hard’ data and ‘fixed’ costs, before you start your next tender document, consider other areas that typically get overlooked. For example? Look at underlying issues, pain points, and … [Read more...]

How to demonstrate Value For Money in Business Proposals

You can increase your business proposal’s success rate if you understand how evaluators determine Value For Money. Most proposal writers focus on the solution or cost. While both of these are valid, you need to examine your bid from the evaluator’s standpoint, in particular how they assess the … [Read more...]

RFP Checklist For Describing Functionality

How do you describe the website’s functionality in your RFP? The next section in your Website RFP is to describe how it works, i.e. functions. The functionality section of your RFP can be distilled to a few pages. Share sample sites that illustrate functionality you’d like to see on your … [Read more...]

37 Proposal Writing Secrets

This short course on proposal writing reminds us that our business proposal does not stand alone. It is process of a larger process that involves planning, research, writing, editing, proofing, submission and acceptance. This list gives 37 ways to improve your next proposal. Scroll through it and … [Read more...]

RFP Checklist For Describing Website Technical Needs

How do you describe the website’s technical needs in your RFP? The next section in your Website RFP is to describe how it works from a technical standpoint. For instance, this helps bidders understand if it can be integrate with MS, Oracle, or WebSphere. Without this technical details, they will … [Read more...]

How to Write Better Case Study Documents

As mentioned earlier, a case study is a soft-sell sales document. Its role is to highlight your abilities without resorting to market-speak and sales clichés. An effective approach to catch the reader's attention (who is frequently a potential client) is to explore how the solution helped … [Read more...]

How To Write a Consultancy Services Proposal

Use the introduction to place the proposal in context. This section should be one or two pages max. Don’t over-whelm the reader with background material. They can find more details about your organization on your website and in press releases. … [Read more...]

Consultancy Proposal: How to Define the Table of Contents

Over the coming weeks, we’ll look at how to write a proposal for Consultancy Services. This will be of use to government agencies or other bodies that want to procure the services of a consultancy firm, for example, an advertising agency, a PR or HR firm or another type of company that provides … [Read more...]

RFP Checklist – Defining the Business Context

You want to create an RFP for a new website! What do you need to include? The first section is the business context. Why do you need to put your business proposal in context? Think of it from the reader’s viewpoint. By placing it in context, you’re helping them understand your requirements so … [Read more...]

Why The Table of Contents Is The Heart of Your Business Proposal?

This is Part 1 of a 20 part series on writing Business Proposals. What we’ll look in this course is how to get started, format the proposal, and submit it. Once we’ve done this, we’ll look at how to improve your chances of getting the bid accepted, for example, by giving presentations to the … [Read more...]