RFP Checklist For Describing Website Technical Needs

How do you describe the website’s technical needs in your RFP? The next section in your Website RFP is to describe how it works from a technical standpoint.

For instance, this helps bidders understand if it can be integrate with MS, Oracle, or WebSphere. Without this technical details, they will not be able to prepare a valid solution.

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Website RFP Checklist – Describing Technical Needs

Technical specifications describe the back-end both from an infrastructure (e.g. hosting environment) and software development point of view.

Provide the following information in your RFP:

  • Domain – Has your domain name been registered? Have you registered different variations?
  • Hosting – Is your hosting currently in-house or outsourced? Have you had issues with the hosting.
  • Statistics – What are the usage statistics and anticipated growth?
  • Security – Are there significant security concerns? What are the security needs of your site, i.e. physical and electronic?
  • Platforms – What development platform do you use (e.g. Windows NT, UNIX, etc.)?
  • Legacy Systems – Are there legacy systems that need to be considered? What are the existing databases in place (e.g. Oracle, SAP, IBM etc)?
  • Web Browser – What browsers are visitors likely to use? Has a targeted browser version been determined?
  • Mobile – Do you need a mobile version of the site?
  • Languages – Which of the following might be used (if known): HTML, DHTML, Java, CGI?
  • Multimedia – If multimedia capabilities are required, which development tools will be used (e.g. Premiere, Flash, Audio)?

Takeaway – Describing Technical Needs

Provide enough details so bidders can, if necessary, create a prototype showing you how the solution will function. Highlight tools you do not want or may be impractical to implement, such as Adobe Flash if you plan to develop for the iPad.