Request For Proposals: Writing the Format Section

What’s the quickest way to evaluate responses to your Request For Proposals? One way to speed up the evaluation and award process is to create a Format section in your RFP document. RFP Template – Sample Costs Format Understanding the RFP Format section Most format Request For Proposals (RFP) … [Read more...]

Why The Table of Contents Is The Heart of Your Business Proposal?

This is Part 1 of a 20 part series on writing Business Proposals. What we’ll look in this course is how to get started, format the proposal, and submit it. Once we’ve done this, we’ll look at how to improve your chances of getting the bid accepted, for example, by giving presentations to the … [Read more...]

Sherlock Holmes Guide to Finding Hidden Styles in Microsoft Word 2007?

Sandra wants to know where is the Styles menu option in Microsoft Word 2007. She wants to update her new business plan and add Notes, Messages, Quotes and other pre-formatted styles. The Styles in Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 seem to be different. She’s right. The Microsoft Word user … [Read more...]

Kate Winslet’s 7 Smart Ways to Read Business Proposals

What can Kate Winslet teach you about proof-reading Business Proposals? Watch the movie The Reader and it will make sense. If she was writing this blog, she’d probably say: “Don’t do it all at once! One of the biggest mistakes you can make when revising any business proposal, is to do it all in one … [Read more...]