Writing the Risk Analysis section for Business Proposals

Risk assessment creates problems for proposal writers. When responding to a Request For Proposal (RFP), you need to identify all known risks but also flag how these will impact other projects and deliverables. Your response also needs to discuss how you will mitigate against this; in other words, if … [Read more...]

Are your Business Consultants worth the money?

Use the Supervision section to identify who will monitor (i.e. supervise) the consultant. This person is responsible for ensuring that the consultant meets their objectives and performs their activities in line with the Work Breakdown Structure. … [Read more...]

7 Request For Proposal Evaluation Guidelines

Your success as a Proposal Manager depends on your ability to respond to Request For Proposal documents, understand the procurement process, write compelling responses, and coordinate your team during the writing process. However, even with the best will in the world, unless you have guidelines, … [Read more...]

Request For Proposals: Writing the Format Section

What’s the quickest way to evaluate responses to your Request For Proposals? One way to speed up the evaluation and award process is to create a Format section in your RFP document. RFP Template – Sample Costs Format Understanding the RFP Format section Most format Request For Proposals (RFP) … [Read more...]