18 Case Study Writing Hacks

You’ve never written a case study before, right? You wish there was some nice, easy way to get a handle on this. So, wouldn’t it be very nice if someone –guess who! – put together fifteen of the best articles on case study writing? Well, you're in luck, we have! 1. How to Write a Case … [Read more...]

How to Write Your First Case Study

Case studies and white papers are very effective marketing tools if you want to promote the benefits of your product or services. Case studies are the first most popular device used to promote the business. If you plan to write a case study, this article will give you a better understanding  about … [Read more...]

How to Write Better Case Study Documents

As mentioned earlier, a case study is a soft-sell sales document. Its role is to highlight your abilities without resorting to market-speak and sales clichés. An effective approach to catch the reader's attention (who is frequently a potential client) is to explore how the solution helped … [Read more...]

The Secret of Warren Buffett’s Writing Style

What I like about Warren Buffets Annual Reports is that he says so much with so few words. And loses nothing in the process. For those of us who make a living writing business documents there are a few lessons to be learnt here. Why The Executive Summary is Important The Executive Summary of any … [Read more...]