34 Ways to Review Request For Proposals


If your next Business Proposal is for an important client, and you’re working under pressure to get the document submitted on time, it’s easy to get confused and forget something which determines whether you win or lose the bid. One way to avoid this is to use a proposal checklist to identify each requirements in the Request For Proposal.

Request For Proposal Checklist

Use this checklist when proofing your bid and, especially before sending your proposal to the printer:

Official Request For Proposal Documentation

Is the following information correct?

  • Request For Proposal Name
  • Document Owner
  • Request For Proposal Description
  • Received date
  • Closing Date
  • Date Submitted
  • QA Completed (Yes/No)

Proposal Writing team and Contributors

Do you have all the necessary information from the writing/bid team:

Content Required from:

Date Content Required by:

Content Required from:

Date Content Required by:

Content Required from:

Date Content Required by:

Content Required from:

Date Content Required by:

Proposal Quality Control Checklist

As the Proposal Manager, complete the following quality control checklist:

  1. Identify contributors to the bid document
  2. Confirm dates for receiving documents
  3. Confirm Sign–off dates
  4. Confirm File format e.g. Word, PDF
  5. Confirm Number of hardcopy and softcopies required

Proposal Format, Style, & Grammar

The Proposal Manager can use the following checklist for each Business Proposal, when you check the bid for grammar, language, writing, technical details, cross-references and other information that relate to the bid:

Cross-Reference the Proposal against the Request For Proposal for:

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Language (UK or US English)
  4. Publication Date on Document
  5. Each Chapters / Section has intro text.
  6. Footer has Date & Time
  7. Header and Footers have Titles
  8. Header has Version Number
  9. Graphic Layouts are correct
  10. Figures/Tables are numbered
  11. Correct Fonts e.g. Headings, Body Text etc
  12. Supporting Docs are included, e.g. CVs
  13. Remove Comments/Remarks
  14. Remove Blank pages
  15. Check Cut-and Paste data from other docs
  16. Page Layout set to A4
  17. Page Sequence is correct
  18. Tables layout is consistent
  19. Lists are consistent
  20. Bullets, Diagrams etc print Correctly.
  21. Print Draft Document(s)
  22. Circulate copies for review
  23. Collate all contributions
  24. Monitor Version Control
  25. Highlight gaps to Project Manager and/or Contributors
  26. Highlight issues to Project Manager and/or Contributors
  27. Make Backup copies of Working Docs
  28. Make Backup copies of Finished Version
  29. Graphic Designer Role in Proposal Development
  30. Ensure the Graphic Designer completes the following:
  31. Design/Print Request For Proposal Cover and Back
  32. Design/Print CD ROM Jewel Case Graphics
  33. Design/Print CD ROM Graphics
  34. Package CD

Proposal Print and Assembly Checklist

Even when you have finished all these steps, you can still trip up if you don’t have material to print, assembly and post the Proposal.

Ensure you have the following:

  • Spare cartridges in stock
  • Correct Paper in stock
  • Check Spelling on Design Literature
  • Burn CD and Package
  • Check CD for correct contents
  • File Graphics in Project Folder
  • Check Printers are functioning

What else is needed to make sure each Proposal is submitted on time?

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