RFP Checklist for Content, User Interface & Design Needs

If you’re writing an RFP for a website, you need to describe the content types and graphic. This enables the bidder to create a prototype that will manage the different content assets and present it in an attractive manner to your customers.

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Website RFP Checklist – Content, User Interface, and Design Needs

Design and content are two critical elements in front-end solutions and, by extension, branding.

Content, layout, navigation, and design make up the user interface, which is a critical driver of the user interface.

The user interface determines how content is displayed to customers on your web site.

Website RFP Checklist – Content, User Interface, and Design Requirements

Describe the following in the RFP:

  • Target Users – Who are the main users of your site?
  • Core Messages – What are the key messages that need to be delivered to those users?
  • Format – Is your site information or graphic-oriented?
  • Delivery – Is the delivery of the key messages like a book, a magazine, or something else?
  • Navigation – How will different visitors navigate your site?
  • Page Count – How many pages of content will your site contain?
  • Content – Does content need to be developed, and if so, what – if any – resources are available?
  • Outsourced – What percent of your content can be outsourced?
  • Style Guide – Is there an style guide for content or design?
  • Benchmarks – Is your company aware of sites that have the desired information or creative design you require?
  • Archives – Is there an archive of photos or other imagery that can be used for your site?
  • Commission – If appropriate, would your company commission original design or photography?


These are examples of some of the requirements you need to list. Make sure to add to this list and share the specific needs which must be addressed.

Remove guess-work.

Help the bidders prepare a proposal that realizes your objectives.

What other requirements would you add?