9 Ways To Improve Your Business Proposal’s Executive Summary

Here are nine guidelines to help you write a better Executive Summary for your next business proposal. The Executive Summary creates difficulties for many proposal writers. Is it part of the business proposal or is it a separate document? How long should it be? Should it include costs? 1. Define … [Read more...]

25 Ways to Improve Business Proposals

Writing Business Proposals is easy. It’s other activities that are hard. Your Business Proposal may be the best priced, with the right people, and the top qualifications, but, if you overlook one critical business requirement, your bid gets rejected. We want to avoid this, right? Proposal … [Read more...]

9 Business Proposals Formating Tips

Last week we looked at how to format your Business Proposal, use a Style Guide, select the right type of font, language and writing style to impress the proposal evaluation team. Let’s look at other ways you can improve your next Business Proposal or Grant application. 1. Proofreading Always … [Read more...]

Business Proposals Format, Style and Presentation Tips – Part 1

What’s the best way to format your Business Proposal? Should you use a Style Guide? I've been writing and reviewing Business Proposals for over fifteen years and, while there are exceptions, the following guidelines will help you improve the look and feel of your next Business Proposal. Business … [Read more...]

Business Proposals: How to Write Costs For RFPs

Having difficult getting started with the Budget and Costs section in your Business Proposal? The purpose of the Budget is to give more than just a statement of proposed expenditures; it is an alternate way of showing, for example, the fluctuations that may arise depending on how the scope of work … [Read more...]

Business Proposal Development: How to Calculate the Effort Required By Funding Agencies

One mistake to avoid when writing a Business Proposal is to hide or disguise the resources the funding agency needs to commit to the project. Indeed, you can increase your chances of winning a government contract if you show in the Executive Summary the amount of effort that required by the agency … [Read more...]