Proposal Manager: Starting a Career in Procurement


So you’d like to start a career as a Proposal Manager but not sure what’s involved. This role is actively involved across the Proposal development lifecycle. You need good Project Management skills and knowledge of how Request For Proposals are written, evaluated, and awarded. And the pay is very good!

Proposal Manager’s Role in Proposal Planning Development

If you’d want to know what Proposal Managers (aka Bid Managers) do, then this tutorial will help.

The Proposal Manager works like a Project Manager in that they organize all aspects of the response to the Request For Proposal and ensure that it is submitted on time. To do this, they are responsible for the following:

Proposal Planning

  • Directing proposal team and all individuals involved in sharing information
  • Coordinating proposal activities, such as printing, production, and delivery
  • Controlling proposal development process so that all bids are entered into the IT system and tracked as they are accepted, written, and evaluated
  • Ensure bid is compliant with Request For Proposal guidelines
  • Increase Proposal win ratio, i.e. number of bids you win

Proposal Manager Tasks

Depending on the size of the firm, the Proposal Manager may be involved in the following steps:

  • Conducts proposal cost kick-off meetings
  • Leads team through the proposal writing process
  • Conducts proposal reviews
  • Obtains management signoffs
  • Overseas the submission of the proposal
  • Gets the proposal submitted on time

This also includes teaming decisions, process refinement, developing bid theme, and making bid/no-bid decisions.

Proposal Manager Responsibilities

The Proposal Manager will also provide status reports and other communications to the project stakeholders.

This means they may also be involved in:

  • Creating proposal management processes
  • Implementing proposal preparation methodologies
  • Assisting the technical staff in the production of proposals
  • Managing the writing, editing, graphics, and production resources for all bids
  • Participate in the writing and editing of proposals where necessary

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