What is a Bid Manager?


What are the roles and responsibilities of the Bid Manager during the proposal development process? The Bid Manager’s role is like that of the Project Manager on an IT project. Their role is to coordinate the team members, analyze the Request For Proposal, allocate resources, define the schedule, keep the deliverables on target, and ensure that the proposal is submitted on time.

Proposal Team Roles and Responsibilities: What is a Bid Manager?

A Bid Manager is responsible for:

  • Manage and implement a proposal development process (if none exists)
  • Apply a structured approach to the development of proposals
  • Analyzing the Request For Proposal
  • Allocate resources to each section, e.g. who responds to each requirement
  • Define the project schedule, costs, and deliverables (e.g. the proposal)
  • Keep the deliverables on target
  • Ensure that the proposal is submitted on time and in the correct format
  • Developing and writing task order proposals.
  • Understand the government task order development process
  • How proposals are scored by customers.
  • Coordinate a team to develop the proposal document
  • Visualize solutions, processes, and create graphics to represent these processes
  • Provide expertise in preparing Federal government contracts
  • Understanding of the procedures and the acquisition process
  • Coordinate the proposal delivery, printing and publications
  • Write major parts of the proposal if/when necessary
  • Ensure that the proposal reads smoothly as a single document
  • Collate the entire document.

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