5 Reasons to Write a (SOP) Procedure

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) help your company put the correct process in place to increase productivity, reduce manual errors, and streamline operations.

However, before you write your SOPs, you’ll need to get support from Management to fund the writing project.

When presenting your case for funding this project, you can offer the following five reasons to write the procedures.

1. Consistency: Ensure tasks are completed same way each time. Critical in health, pharma, and industrial industry.

2. Reduce errors: Step-by-step instructions minimizes user error. Critical in pharma, construction, technical, and medical environments.

3. Improve efficiency: Break monolithic tasks into steps makes them easier to write, review, and maintain.

4. Train staff: Well-written procedures help on-board new staff.

5. Collaboration: In team activities, helps each member understand role and responsibility.

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When looking for support for SOP projects, focus on the benefits that will be realized by the company if these documents are written up. Once in place, make sure the documents are updated regularly, distributed, and refined where needed.

SOP Templates

Looking for SOP templates in MS Word?

Download the Standard Operating Template at: https://klariti.com/product/standard-operating-procedure-sops-templates-tutorial/

Product Specifications

The templates included in this pack are in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel format.

– SOP Template (Detailed) 7 pages

– SOP Single Template 1 pages

– SOP Guidebook 11 pages

– Sample – RFP Pre-Issuance Procedure 7 pages

– SOP Log Book 7 pages

– SOP Document Control 3 page spreadsheet